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10 Reasons Why WordPress Is NOT the Best CMS for SEO

Let's first explain what this article is. This is a direct response to an article I found published on on January 26, 2020 titled, “Why WordPress is the Best CMS for SEO”. After reading the article I became rather angry. Angry at the fact that such a reputable online magazine such as SEJ would publish such an article. But even more angry at the lack of foundation for such a bold statement. Claims like this that are published on a platform such as SEJ have the potential of leading readers blindly due mainly because of the publisher's reputation.

7 Ways You Can Help Your Web Designer

Yes, You Can Help Ensure a Great New Website Design

Making the decision to finally opt for a new web design is considered half the battle. Now that you have made the decision you are done right? It is now out of your hands right? Wrong on both counts. There is much you can do to help your web designer and ensure the success of your new website. Consider the seven points below when working toward improving your internet design.

Do You Need a Website Maintenance Plan?

The How and Why of the Website Maintenance Question

There are tens of millions websites on the internet today that are constructed using a Content Management System (CMS) of some sort. Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and proprietary systems like Wix, SquareSpace are all examples of a CMS. These systems require regular maintenance for several reasons. Keeping the core software as well as any installed plugins and extensions up to date is critically important for the integrity of these platforms. If your website is constructed using one of these popular platforms, it would be very wise to consider some type of service or maintenance plan. (Wix, SquareSpace and others maintain their own software).

Do You Really Need a Content Management System?

Consider Whether or Not a Content Management System (CMS) Is Right For You

Every business or organization wants a website to showcase their services and or products. Lately it seems a good majority of those looking for website design also want to be able to manage their own content.This is something a content management system can provide.

Is SCHEMA Good for SEO?

Yes and no. First off, there has not been any definitive evidence presented that proves it can help your website in terms of organic ranking. But, yes, it can help drive traffic. While this does sound contradictory, there is a method to the madness. If there was an opportunity for you to include information on your website that may increase traffic you would probably want to include it, right? Continue reading to learn whether or not schema is good for SEO.

The Web Design Process In 6 Steps

There are several steps associated with the web design process. And each party involved, be it client or developer, has an integral part to play in each phase. From fact gathering and content resourcing or creation to wireframes and proofs, each of the stages can create different challenges but all are implemented to achieve a particular goal.

It is important to note that neither of of the processes involved is less or more important than another. In order to reach the final goal of deployment, each previous phase must be completed and approved before moving on.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive website design allows the reflowing of web page content to fit more devices than your standard desktop or laptop computer. With the usage of fluid behaviors, in lieu of absolute units in pixels, a properly structured web page will display correctly on devices smaller than computers. It will also stack content vertically. This will alleviate the need to scroll horizontally or pinch and zoom in order to read the content of the page.

With the massive increase in mobile device usage, having a responsive website is no longer considered best practice, but an absolute necessity!