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The Web Design Process

Many web design companies take your new website design from start to finish without you knowing how or what steps are involved in the process. Below is a brief outline of how your new web site will be brought to fruition.

Tampa Web Design Process

How to Turn a Ripple Into a Wave

Each project may differ sightly based on certain conditions and variables, but for the most part, all website design projects follow a standard process.
While some projects may differ, the one absolute constant in any project is communication!

Do you have a unique situation, or have questions about the process? Please contact us today.


The Drop Discovery

The discovery phase consists of gathering information regarding your project. Goals, directives, tasks and responsibilities are defined and agreed upon.

Web Design Discovery Phase Icon

The Ripple SiteMap WireFrames

A sitemap and wire frames are drawn up to indicate page and content placement.

Web Design Wireframing Icon

The Spread Content Curation

Content for the website is either gathered, transferred or created from scratch. All based on consultation and potential copy writing and/or editing directives.

Web Design Content Creation Icon

The Swell Color Comps

Once the content has been acquired, color proofs of several pages are provided for review and discussion. Often in editable PDF format or JPG.

Web Design Staging Icon

The Crest Development

Once the color comps have been approved, a development or staging environment will be created (your servers or J2 Studio servers) to start the build of your new website.

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The Plunge Deployment

Upon final written approval, your new responsive website design is moved to your live environment, tested once again and passed on to your team. (Maintenance plans available)

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Ready to Make Some Waves?

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